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Get Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria @ 76kobo per SMS unit & enjoy immediate delivery. We provide fastest,affordable & most reliable bulk SMS service in Nigeria. Bulk SMS in Nigeria I Bulk SMS Nigeria I SMS in Nigeria.

We build this dependable Bulk SMS Nigeria portal purposely to serve and satisfy your needs in all ramification. Our Bulk SMS service will however increases your traffic, boost your sales and smoothen your business which makes you outstanding in your respective fields. Our Bulk SMS in Nigeria portal has a unique and latest features which makes it easier for our clients to use. This Bulk SMS website is clearly exceptional because it provides expected and adequate solutions to all communication barriers. Our Bulk SMS website also fill in the gap which in turn ensure cordial relationship between our customers and their clients.

However, we ensure that our Bulk SMS Service is terminated through the best Bulk SMS gateway provider and this has really helped us to have the fastest and immediate bulk SMS delivery irrespective of the recipient’s location at home or abroad. Our bulk SMS delivers at the speed of light to the targeted recipient’s irrespective of the total gsm number.

Also, we have a flexible payment option directly on our Bulk SMS portal where your bulk SMS account with us will be automatically credited immediately you effect the payment on our platform.

At Adeb Global Solutions, the interest of our clients remain first and that’s why we give our client’s a kind of special treatment and with God on our side, it has really increased us from every angle of our business.



Check Our Pricing Details below:

SMS QUANTITY RANGE                               PRICE PER SMS

500 - 2,999


3,000 - 999,999 


1,000,000 - 4,999,999



Please note that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not Joomla friendly. Therefore, make sure that you type both recipients' numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box.

Also, note that your RECIPIENT NUMBERS must be separated with the use of comma(,) to ensure perfect delivery.

However, the USE OF GSM NUMBER as sender I.D is highly prohibited.


You can make your payments into the account details below:


Account Number



Account Name




Bank Name

Image result for GTBank bank logo



1) Cash deposit

2) Internet Banking Transfer

3) GTBank E-Branch Payment

4) ATM Transfer

5) Mobile Transfer

6) Voguepay; payment with your ATM card on the platform


Please be informed that to avoid failing or pending transactions on VOGUEPAY,  you need to ensure that the cards being used for payments are 3D authentication enable. The 3D authentication is a security check on cards that enables the card holder to OTP during the process of payment. This is to protect card holders against unauthorized card usage by external body.



We discover that GLO Network is blocking messages that contain GSM number in its content. In case you have to add GSM number to the content of your message, we advise you to enter it this way in your message content to avoid having GLO delivery problem i.e 081-7726-2696 and the message will be delivered to all your recipients.


However, you are strongly advised to run a test on your bulk SMS account by sending SMS to your personal GSM number before sending out to your clients in order to confirm the acceptance of your SENDER I.D and also confirm the status of the network whether it is safe to use or otherwise. Thanks


You can send bulk SMS to all GSM and CDMA networks across Nigeria and 620 networks in 180 countries across the globe. We assure you of international standard bulk SMS service. The SMS you buy from us will remain in your SMS account as long as you have not exhausted it because our SMS does not expire, irrespective of the duration.


Endeavour to open a bulk SMS account on our bulk SMS portal today and start enjoying the most reliable bulk SMS services in Nigeria. You will automatically receive 2 free SMS in your SMS account which you can use to test the quality of our bulk SMS service immediately after a successful registration before you decide to make bulk SMS purchase. Excellent and Quality Service is our watch word.


How To Locate NOTEPAD on Your Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

1) Click on START

2) Move cursor to the top of ALL PROGRAMS and wait

3) Move cursor again to the top of ACCESSORIES and wait again

4) Then, locate NOTEPAD and click on it.

The Following Steps Are Required To Send Bulk SMS:

1) Register a FREE bulk SMS user account on this bulk SMS website (registration is absolutely free on all the bulk SMS portals in the world).

2) Log on to your newly created bulk SMS user account with your username and password.

3) Make use of the free SMS in your newly created account to test our bulk SMS website by sending text message to one of your own GSM numbers.

4) Once you are satisfied with the test you conducted through free SMS given to you, the next thing is to buy bulk SMS in volume which depends on the quantity needed. You can log out and take steps towards making payment for the quantity of your choice.

5) After making payment and your bulk SMS account is credited, Log on to your bulk SMS account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on "COMPOSE MESSAGE".

6) Enter the sender ID which must not be longer than 11 characters. Also type in or paste the  recipients number(s) in the space for recipients. The next thing to do here is to compose the message which you want to send to your recipients.

7) The final step to take is to click on "SEND" and the message will be delivered to all your recipients within few seconds.


You can communicate with one of our customer care representatives through any of the media listed below based on the day and time of the day.

Telephone Call : MONDAY - FRIDAY (8:00am - 5:00pm) Excluding public holidays on (234) 8177262696

Text Message : MONDAY - SUNDAY (24/7)